12th International Workshop on Polymer Reaction Engineering

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Tuesday, 17 May 2016
Wednesday, 18 May 2016
Thursday, 19 May 2016
Friday, 20 May 2016
Tuesday, 17 May 2016
17:00   Registration at the University of Hamburg
18:30 Welcome
H. Moritz, University of Hamburg, Hamburg/D
Chair:  H. Moritz, University of Hamburg, Hamburg/D
From polymer colloids to structured materials
M. Morbidelli¹; ¹ ETH Zurich, Zurich/CH
19:30 Get together
Wednesday, 18 May 2016
08:30 Welcome
H. Moritz, University of Hamburg, Hamburg/D
Chair:  K. Hungenberg, Hungenberg Consulting, Birkenau/D
Knowledge-based production of function-oriented waterborne polymer dispersions

J. Asua¹; ¹ University of the Basque Country UPV/EHU, San Sebastián/E
09:15 Emulsion Terpolymerization of Conjugated Linoleic Acid/Styrene/n-Butyl Acrylate
M. Dube¹, S. Roberge¹; ¹ University of Ottawa, Ottawa/CDN
09:40 The Synthesis of High Molecular Weight Living Polymer by RAFT Emulsion Polymerization: Fundamentals and Techniques
Y. Luo¹; Y. Guo¹; K. Yan¹; ¹ University of Zhejiang, Hangzhou/CN
10:05 Block Copolymer Stabilizers in Emulsion Polymerization: Is Low Molecular Weight Dispersity a Requisite for High Performance?
S. George¹; R. Champagne-Hartley¹; G. Deeter²; D. Campbell²; B. Reck³; D. Urban³;
M. Cunningham¹; ¹ Queen's University, Kingston/CDN; ² BASF Corporation, Wyandotte/USA; ³ BASF SE, Ludwigshafen/D
10:30 Coffee Break and Poster Presentation
Chair: W. Gerlinger, BASF SE, Ludwigshafen/D
11:00 Features of Emulsion Polymerization - How comes the monomer from the droplets into the latex particles?
K. Tauer¹; ¹ MPI für Kolloid- und Grenzflächenforschung, Golm/D
11:25 Synthesis of cationic polyelectrolytes by dispersion polymerization in aqueous aluminum salt solutions
A. Lieske¹: ¹ Fraunhofer-Institute for Applied Polymer Research, Potsdam/D
Chair:  M. Busch, TU Darmstadt, Darmstadt/D
11:50 Poster introduction by the authors
P 1 - P 33
Brief statements of max. 3 minutes
13:20 Lunch break
Chair:  R. Hutchinson, Queen's University, Kingston/CDN
14:20 Recent advances in Automatic Continuous Online Monitoring of Polymerization reactions (ACOMP)
M. Drenski¹; N. Leonardi¹; R. Montgomery¹; P. Pham¹; A. Wu²; W. Reed²;
¹ APMT, Inc., New Orleans/USA; ² Tulane University, New Orleans/USA
14:45 In-line monitoring and control of continuous ring-opening polymerization of lactide
L. Costa¹; ¹ Sulzer Chemtech, Winterthur/CH
15:10 Polyethylene Furanoate (PEF) synthesis via fast ring-opening polymerization of 100% renewables-based cyclic monomers
J. Rosenboom¹; P. Fleckenstein1; G. Storti1; M. Morbidelli¹; ¹ETH Zurich, Zurich/CH
15:35 Theoretical and experimental study of morphogenesis of micro-structured polystyrene foams formed by thermally induced phase separation
A. Nistor¹; M. Vonka¹; A. Rygl¹; M. Voclova¹; M. Minichova¹; J. Kosek¹;
¹ University of Chemistry and Technology Prague, Prague/CZ
In search of suitable polymer materials for challenging additive manufacturing processes

S. Baumann¹, P. Limbach¹, P, Heidemeyer¹; ¹SKZ - KFE gGmbH, Würzburg/D
16:35 Coffee break and poster presentation
Chair: J. Laackmann, Evonik Technology & Infrastructure GmbH, Hanau/D
17:05 Poster introduction by the authors
P 34 - P 70
Brief statements of max. 3 minutes
18:15 Poster Party
Thursday, 19 May 2016
Chair:  U. Tracht, Lanxess Deutschland GmbH, Leverkusen/D
Carbon dioxide switchable polymers and processes in polymer reaction engineering
M. Cunningham¹; ¹ Queen's University, Kingston/CDN
09:05 CO2-Triggered Stimuli-Responsive Polymers for Separations
Q. Zhang¹; P. Liu¹; G. Yu¹; Y. Lu¹; W. Wang¹; B. Li¹; S. Zhu²;
¹ Zhejiang University of Technology, Hangzhou/CN; ² McMaster University, Hamilton/CDN
09:30 Synthesis, micellar radical polymerization kinetics, and performance of cationic hydrolytically degradable flocculants
T. Rooney¹; S. Gumfekar²; I. Lacík³; J. Soares²; R. Hutchinson¹; ¹ Queen´s University, Kingston/CDN; ² University of Alberta, Edmonton/CDN; ³ Polymer Institute SAS, Bratislava/SK
09:55 Comprehensive Study of Hybrid Polymer Particles Produced by Monomer-Starved Semicontinuous Emulsion Polymerisation
S. Sajjadi¹; Y. Chen²; F. Jahanzad³; ¹ King's College London, London/UK; ² Tianjin University, Tianjin/CN; ³ London South Bank University, London/UK
10:20 Coffee break and poster presentation
Chair:  R. Bachmann, Covestro Deutschland AG, Leverkusen/D
10:50 Multi-stage polymerization of ethylene in a single reactor setup
T. Höchfurtner¹; T. Hackl¹; C. Paulik¹; ¹ Johannes Kepler University, Linz/A
11:15 Impact of condensing agents in the gas phase polymerisation of ethylene –
Part I. An experimental and modelling study of kinetics and reactor performance

D. Cecilio¹; R. Alves¹; A. Alizadeh²; M. Bashir¹; T. McKenna¹; ¹ CNRS/ESCPE-Lyon, C2P2 - UMR 5265, Villeurbanne/F; ² Research Institute of Petroleum Industry, Tehran/IR
11:40 Towards large scale applications of poly(propylene carbonate) – Process optimization and enhancement of thermal stability
J. Marbach¹; B. Szostak¹; B. Nörnberg¹; G. Luinstra¹; ¹ University of Hamburg, Hamburg/D
12:05 Synthesis of HTPB with High cis-1,4 Content from Polybutadiene Original Solution
B. Li¹; Q. Zhou¹; Z. Cao¹; S. Jie¹; ¹ Zhejiang University, Hangzhou/CN
12:30 Modeling and experimental study of residence time distribution effects in slurry-phase catalytic ethylene polymerization
T. Casalini¹; F. Visscher²; M. Tamaddoni²; F. Bertola²; G. Storti1; M. Morbidelli¹;
ETH Zurich, Zurich/CH; ² SABIC, Geleen/NL
12:55 Lunch break
Chair:  M. Cunningham, Queen's University, Kingston/CDN
Model-based design and control of polymerization processes
W. Gerlinger¹; ¹BASF SE, Ludwigshafen/D
14:20 Multi-objective optimization of feeding rates and temperature program for nitroxide mediated (co)polymerization of styrene and n-butyl acrylate
P. Van Steenberge¹; S. Fierens1; M. Reyniers1; D. D'hooge1; G. Marin1;
¹ Ghent University, Ghent/B
14:45 Kinetic modeling of the gas-phase polymerization of propylene with a high active Ziegler-Natta catalyst under different injection conditions
J. Kettner¹; M. Bartke¹; M. Dietrich²; ¹ Martin-Luther-University Halle-Wittenberg, Halle/D; ² Lummus Novolen Technology GmbH, Mannheim/D
15:10 Handling the Interplay of Polymer Structure and Polymerization Kinetics
D. Eckes¹; M. Busch¹; ¹ TU Darmstadt, Darmstadt/D
15:35 Poster award
15:45 Coffee break and poster presentation
Chair:  M. Morbidelli, ETH Zurich, Zurich/CH
16:15 Modelling and Optimization of Nonlinear Polymerization Processes
R. Bachmann¹; M. Melchiors¹; E. Avtomonov¹; ¹ Covestro Deutschland AG, Leverkusen/D
16:40 A new insight into the detailed molecular topology of highly-branched polymers: multiscale Monte Carlo Simulation of the VDF/HFP/BDFE polymerization
B. Hosemann¹; M. Drache¹; S. Beuermann¹; ¹ TU Clausthal, Clausthal-Zelerfeld/D
17:05 Viscosity and Stability of Concentrated Colloidal Latexes Modeled by Discrete Element Method
M. Kroupa¹; M. Vonka¹; M. Soos¹; J. Kosek¹; ¹ University of Chemistry and Technology Prague, Prague /CZ
17:30 End of lecture session
19:30 Conference dinner
Friday, 20 May 2016
Chair:  J. Asua, University of the Basque Country UPV/EHU, San Sebastián/E
The creation and maintenance of simple reusable tools for polymer reaction engineering
D. Arriola¹; ¹ The Dow Chemical Company, Midland, MI/USA
09:05 A model to describe the effect of alkyl anilines on the polymerization of methyl methacrylate
V. Casson Moreno¹; G. Maschio²; A. Rubinato³; ¹ Università di Bologna, Bologna/I;
² Università di Padova, Padova/I; ³ ANTEA, Padova/D
09:30 Experimental and Modeling study of Melt Polycondensation Process of Polycarbonate
Z. Xi¹; L. Zhao¹; F. Bi¹; ¹ East China University of Science and Technology, Shanghai/CN
09:55 Molecular Architecture of Multi-Block Polymer Synthesized in a Dual-Catalyst Single CSTR
I. Konstantinov¹; C. Villa²; T. Karjala²; P. Jain²; ¹ The Dow Chemical Company, Pearland/USA; ² The Dow Chemical Company, Freeport/USA
10:20 Coffee break and poster presentation
Chair:  J. Kosek, Prague Institute of Chemical Technology, Prague/CZ
Propagation kinetics for zwitterionic sulfobetaine monomers
I. Lacik¹; M. Stach¹; D. Chorvát²; P. Sobolčiak³; P. Kasák³; ¹ Polymer Institute SAS, Bratislava/SK; ² International Laser Center, Bratislava/SK; ³ Qatar University, Doha/Q
11:25 Kinetic Studies and Model Development for Radical Copolymerization of Hydroxy Functional Monomers
J. Schier¹, R. Hutchinson¹; ¹ Queen's University, Kingston/CDN
11:50 Ternary Reactivity Ratio Estimation for AMPS/AAm/AAc Water Soluble Polymers
A. Scott¹, N. Kazemi¹, A. Penlidis¹; ¹ University of Waterloo, Waterloo/CDN
12:15 Water-borne anisotropic polymer-Gibbsite nanocomoposites: exploration from a reaction engineering perspective
O. Loiko¹; A. Spoelstra¹; A. van Herk²; J. Meuldijk¹; J. Heuts¹; ¹ TU/e, Eindhoven/NL; ² Institute of Chemical and Engineering Sciences, Singapore/SGP
12:40 Waterborne photocatalytically active nanocomposites for the degradation of organic pollutants
J. Leiza¹; A. Bonnefond¹; E. Gonzalez¹; M. Ibarra¹; J. Asua¹; ¹ University of the Basque Country UPV/EHU, Donostia/E
13:05 Closing remarks
H. Moritz, University of Hamburg, Hamburg/D
13:15 End of workshop
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