Industrial Water 2006

6 - 8 February 2006

European Conference on Efficient Use of Water Resources in Industry

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6 - 8 February 2006, Frankfurt am Main






Water is indispensable to industry, its availability in suitable quality and quantity is an important factor for investment decisions. Its responsible use is the basis for sustainable global development and stable economic growth.
European water service industries and water-intensive industries face several challenges in the coming decades:
Regulative requirements, such as the WFD (Water Framework Directive), IPPC (Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control Directive) and REACH (Registration, Evaluation and Authorisation of Chemicals Policy), have to be considered in future planning and investment decisions.

The need for enhanced production process efficiency and reliability, advanced product quality standards and new products requires innovative, optimised water treatment technologies. Their efficient integration in production processes is a further challenge.

The global competitiveness of water-intensive industry in Europe calls for the reduction of water-related costs throughout the production chain. On the other hand the rising markets in Eastern Europe and Asia offer great potential for the implementation of new technologies and services for industrial water treatment.
Changes in climate conditions over the coming decades will lead to increasing water shortages in many regions of Europe, causing stress to surface and groundwater resources and resulting in highly varying raw water quality and periods of raw water scarcity.

The goal of this event is to face these challenges and to discuss innovative, economically and ecologically efficient strategies for industrial water treatment.


The Scientific Committee invites you to submit a contribution for an oral or poster presentation on the following topics:

  • Water resources for industrial processes: efficient use and reuse
  • Water conditioning for the process industries
  • Treatment of industrial waste water
  • Innovative membrane and combined technologies
  • Hygienisation of water
  • Innovative materials and coatings in water technology
  • Treatment and reuse of cooling water
  • Special applications of treatment technologies
  • Chemicals for water treatment
  • New equipment and maintenance for transport and treatment
  • Other topics

INDUSTRIAL WATER 2006 will bring together developers, manufacturers and providers of industrial water treatment technologies from research and industry, service providers, environmental and water managers in industry and end-users of water-intensive industries, such as the chemical, pharmaceutical, food, automotive, electronics and metal-processing industries. The conference will provide a platform to present cutting-edge developments, to show new applications, to report on progress in research, to discuss administrative aspects, to consider strategies for implementation and to exchange experience and knowledge on an internation

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