4th International Conference on Environmental Catalysis

5. - 8. Juni 2005 Heidelberg, Germany

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5 - 8 June 2005

Heidelberg Convention Center


The organizing committee extends a cordial invitation to participate in the 4th International Conference on Environmental Catalysis (4th ICEC) which will be held in the scenic city of Heidelberg, Germany, during June 05 to 08, 2005. Previous conferences of this series have taken place in Pisa (1995), Miami Beach (1998) and Tokyo (2001). The current conference is organized under the auspices of the German Catalysis Society (DECHEMA Fachsektion Katalyse) and the European Federation of Catalysis Societies (EFCATS).

The 4th ICEC will reflect the tremendous advances in the field of environmental catalysis during the last few years on the broadest scope. It will provide a forum for scientists and engineers from both industry and academia to discuss most recent developments and technological opportunities in this vibrant area of research. It is meant to promote a global and interdisciplinary approach towards both fundamental science and industrial applications of environmental catalysis. Key topics of the conference will be the recent trends and challenges in automotive exhaust catalysis, pollution prevention for clean air and water and catalysis for sustainable energy conversion. Aspects of  "green chemistry" through catalytic processes will be discussed in sessions on environmentally benign routes to chemicals and the use of renewables for the production of biofuels or chemicals.

After an overwhelming response to the call for papers, the organizing committee had an easy task in putting together a most attractive and diverse technical programme. It will comprise six plenary lectures to be delivered by John N. Armor, Hans-Ulrich Blaser, Gerhart Eigenberger, Karlheinz Hill, Kohichi Segawa, and Martyn Twigg. In addition, seven keynote lectures will be presented by renowned experts in their fields. 48 oral and more than 200 poster contributions will provide a unique overview on the current activities in a branch of modern catalysis which has turned out to be a most fascinating source of scientific and technical innovation.

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