Speed Dating@ EuroPACT


Online Conferences offer tremendous technical opportunities to address other participants during the conference. It is a bit different with the – quite often beneficial - non-purpose talks at the coffee machine or at bar table. To bring a bit of this fortuity in to EuroPACT we offer a speed dating session; please have a look to the conference agenda. After a brief explanation of the modalities there are three sessions of 8 min each to meet other conference participants. The one you will meet will be dedicated by a random generator. This way you might get in contact with another scientist and another topic in process analytics to expand your network and your professional experience.

To make it a bit more likely that you find a common base on your talk you can choose among the three major themes of the conference

  • Process Analytics in Real-World Manufacturing
  • From Data to Process Monitoring, Control and Optimization
  • Novel PAT and Instrumental Technologies

If you are interested in joining in the speed dating please register via the online registration

You are welcome to report on your experience at the end of this day.


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