Synthetic Bio(techno)logy

9. - 10. November 2009 Frankfurt am Main, DECHEMA-Haus

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Propelled by the advancements in molecular and systems biology, biotechnology is currently being transformed into a quantitative  engineering  science. A new discipline, dubbed synthetic biology, is creating novel biochemical pathways, synthetic genomes and even whole artificial organisms. The technology's potential and impact are hard to assess yet. For this reason, acatech - German Academy of Science and Engineering and DECHEMA e.V. - Society for Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology - are jointly organising the "Synthetic Bio(techno)logy" conference. Besides presenting cutting-edge research from the US and Europe, the conference will focus on potential applications of synthetic biology, and special sessions will be devoted to related communicative, ethical, safety and legal aspects.

  Conference programme

Organized by:


Organizing Commitee:

L. Blank, Dortmund/D

N. Budisa, Martinsried/D

C. Freund, Berlin/D

V. Meyer. Leiden/NL

B. Müller-Röber, Potsdam/D

S. Panke, Zürich/CH

A. Pühler, Bielefeld/D

K. Schürrle, DECHEMA e.V., Frankfurt am Main/D

P. Stähler, Heidelberg/D

R. Wagner, Regensburg/D

W. Weber, Freiburg/D

M.-D. Weitze, acatech, Munich/D

W. Wiechert, Jülich/D

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