6th International Conference on Self-Healing Materials

25 - 28 June 2017 Graf-Zeppelin-Haus, Friedrichshafen/Germany Teaserbild


The field of self-healing materials has seen a dramatic evolution in Europe with emerging cross fertilisation among various areas of Materials Sciences linking a significant number of research laboratories in high profile scientific networks and projects. We would like the 6th ICSHM to serve as a platform for exchanging ideas and acquiring new impulses as well as to welcome our friends and colleagues from outside Europe to experience the dynamic evolution within Germany, to provide a show case for self-healing materials in Europe and to tighten the multiple global interactions.

Germany and Friedrichshafen on Lake Constance in particular offer not only world-class facilities for hosting the conference, but also the mixture of a flourishing economic, tourist and living region. At Lake Constance, potentials and resources from four highly developed countries – Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Liechtenstein – come together here and form one of the most dynamic economic regions in Europe.

The programme of the 6th ICSHM will not only reflect mechanisms, materials, characterisation and processes but also the huge potential of self-healing materials in all application areas. It will be structured in three main streams: “Soft Matter Self-healing Materials”, “Hard Matter Self-healing Materials” and as research and development of self-healing materials has suffered several hurdles in the last years towards further commercialisation the conference will have a special emphasis on “Self-healing Materials in Industrial Applications”.

Parallel to this, topical workshops will be held. The workshops should especially help young scientists to broaden their views and to stimulate new ideas. One of such workshops will be devoted to demonstrating the route from fundamental science to the realisation in industrial practice.

Together we look forward to providing you a warm welcome and the settings for an exciting conference!

Prof. Wolfgang H. Binder

Prof. Ulrich S. Schubert



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