PRAXISforum Future Production in Chemical and Pharmaceutical Industry

25 - 26 September 2017 DECHEMA-House, Frankfurt/Main Teaserbild

The chemical and pharmaceutical industry are changing. Companies are looking for resource efficiency and flexibility in order to meet the demands of a volatile and complex marketplace. The ongoing digitalization of these industries and the coming data flood increase the necessity for future production methods. They could fulfil the demand for low volume, high potency APIs designed for the patient’s needs. Modularized production, continuous manufacturing, flow chemistry and Industrial Internet are only a few buzz words usually mentioned in that context. The overarching goal of all these activities is to produce faster, with higher quality and less waste. Whilst regulators, such as the FDA, are embracing rather than hindering these technologies, solution providers have made major progress towards fully integrated continuous manufacturing plants.

How can solution providers, chemical and pharmaceutical manufacturers and researchers work together to take the next step?

Visit the PRAXISforum “Future Production in Chemical and Pharmaceutical Industry” to learn about the latest progress in these field and meet like-minded professionals from process engineering, flow chemistry, modularized plant systems and digital production as well as suppliers to discuss and exchange ideas, best practices and lessons learned from recent implementation and development projects. At the same time, participants can present their needs and future requirements to suppliers of technologies, services and products.

We are looking forward to welcoming you in Frankfurt.


What the PRAXISforum is about:
  • By industry, for industry - the PRAXISforum reveals market opportunities and promotes the development of continuous manufacturing and modularized plant systems in chemical and pharmaceutical industry
  • Networking platform - the PRAXISforum brings together international market leaders and high profile end-users and experts from all relevant industries
  • High-level speakers - Best Practices presentations and lessons learned from speakers at decision-maker level. Technological background is presented as well as end-user relevant-information
  • Relevance to applications - the PRAXISforum provides visitors with an overview of innovations for their highly specific requirements in everyday practice.


PRAXISforum highlights:
  • Find innovations in accordance with your practical needs
  • Meet existing and prospective customers and suppliers
  • Network with like-minded industry professionals
  • Learn about new trends, projects, processes and practices
  • Exhibition floor featuring practical and trade based presentations
  • Relaxed networking dinner at the end of first PRAXISforum day

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