Enzymes for Industrial Applications

Markus Matuschek, BASF


"In animal nutrition the feed enzymes already and will continue to significantly contribute to further significant improvements of feed efficiency (feed conversion and weight gain) and increasingly to animal welfare. By that they will contribute strongly to a sustainable and balanced growth of animal protein production."


Thu 5 Feb 2015, 10:00:

Proceedings in feed enzymes at BASF

  • Benefits of feed enzymes in animal nutrition and animal welfare
  • Formulation and application of feed enzymes
  • New product development



  • Director Global Development & Technical Marketing Animal Nutrition, BASF SE, Germany
  • Innovation Manager Nutrition Ingredients, BASF SE, Germany
  • R&D Scientist Fine Chemicals Research, BASF AG, Germany
  • R&D Scientist Département des Biotechnologies, Institut Pasteur, France








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