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Nordic ChemQuest is a biotechnology company working at the boundaries of physics, chemistry and biology. Through the discovery of the radically new SpinChem® technology we are able to provide dramatic improvements in the mass transfer characteristics of chemical and enzymatic transformations requiring solid phase reagents or immobilized enzymes.

In the separations area, SpinChem® increases the efficiency and reduces the cost of high volume solid phase extractions. SpinChem® is a revolutionary concept that moves solutions through packed bed materials in a manner that maximises contact between solutes in solution and bed materials, while preserving the integrity and structure of those materials.

The SpinChem® technology has applications in biotransformation, downstream processing in biotechnology, cleantech and in the food industries. Products are available at scales from 100 mL to 100 L volumes and by proprietary design for cubic metre requirements. Where necessary, customer specific features can be incorporated. Nordic ChemQuest AB is a privately held company based in Umeå, Sweden and currently has relationships with large chemical, pharma and biotransformation companies. For further information contact Dr Emil Byström at +46 90 19 25 01 or





Nordic ChemQuest AB
Dr Emil Byström
Phone: +46 90 19 25 01

P.O. Box 7958
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