Zeolites meet NMR Spectroscopy: Modern Approaches for Characterization and Application of Nanoporous Materials

8 November 2021

Online Event

NMR spectroscopy is one of the techniques routinely used to characterize nanoporous materials such as zeolites, carbons, MOFs and COFs. It is also used to study mass transfer phenomena that enable fundamental physicochemical processes, such as catalysis or (electro) chemical energy conversion and storage.

The aim of this workshop - organised by Muslim Dvoyashkin and DECHEMA - is to familiarize doctoral researches and postdocs with the latest experimental NMR-based approaches and methods used to characterize this class of materials and to investigate molecular or ionic transport phenomena. In addition, the participants will obtain the opportunity to exchange their own experiences and discuss with the speakers.

The lectures will be given in English, and the platform is Zoom. The exchange and networking will take place via the wonder.me-platform.

Registration is limited and will be handled by "First come, first serve".





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