Hygiene Concept for Visitors of the DECHEMA House

For DECHEMA, the safety and health of our visitors, exhibitors, partners, participants and employees has top priority.

After the termination of the Corona protection measures from legislation, the focus is now on each person's own responsibility not to expose themselves or others to any unreasonable risk of infection.

In order to ensure that our guests have a carefree and safe stay in our house, the DECHEMA house is regularly aired and care is taken to clean and disinfect all areas.

We ask our guests to act on their own responsibility and to comply with the following recommendations:



Distance rules

Please keep away from other people, whenever possible


Mouth-nose protection

Voluntary wearing of a mouth-nose protection, especially in crowded situations



Sneezing and coughing etiquette

Please observe the etiquette for sneezing and coughing


Hand washing

Please wash and disinfect your hands regularly and thoroughly


Symptoms of illness

Watch for symptoms of illness; no entry with fever



Greetings with distance

Please no handshakes! Give a smile instead


We wish our guests a pleasant stay at the DECHEMA House.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact your DECHEMA representative.
We thank you for your support and stay healthy!


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