3D Cell Culture 2020: Models, Applications & Translation


The Call for Papers is presently closed and will re-open for posters in January 2020. The topics are as follow:

 Advanced cell culture models

1.1 Advanced models for substance testing
1.2 Innovative disease models
1.3 Complex and multi-cell type models
1.4 Models for personalized medicine
1.5 In vitro application of patient-derived tissues
1.6 Predictivity and validation
1.7 Safety and toxicity testing     

Translation, clinical and industrial applications

2.1 Translation of models to solutions
2.2 Clinical applications
2.3 Gaps from 3D models to clinic
2.4 Industrial applications
2.5 Regulatory aspects

Enabling technologies

3.1 Innovative, advanced analytics 
3.2 Specific assay development
3.3 New devices for 3D cell culture
3.4 Imaging technologies
3.5 High-throughput and automatization
3.6 3D Printing
3.7 Bioinformatics, systems biology, modelling 
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