Databases in Overview

The DECHEMA distributes numerical databases covering thermophysical property data as well as safety characteristics. These systems are available as online and in-house databases.

arrow   DETHERM

Numerical database containing thermophysical property data for design and optimization of chemical plants. At this time more than 11.77million data sets for around 287,850 pure components and mixtures are stored.

arrow   CHEMSAFE

Assessed safety parameters of flammable gases, liquids and dusts for explosion and fire protection . CHEMSAFE presently contains data for more than 3000 pure components and their mixtures and is published in cooperation with the German Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing BAM and the Physikalisch-Technischen Bundesanstalt PTB .

arrow   DIPPR 801

Numerical database with a complete matrix of recommended, consistent thermophysical property data for chemicals of industrial importance. At this time DIPPR 801 contains 33 constants and 15 temperature dependent properties for around  1,944 pure components. Now available within Europe through the DECHEMA (also in DETHERM-Format).

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