Engineering Software

Within the DETHERM-Software-Suite DECHEMA develops and delivers also program packages for thermodynamic calculations and regression of (model-) parameters.

Data Preparation Package DPP

The DECHEMA Data Preparation Package (DPP) closes the gap between raw thermophysical data and model based process simulation packages. Besides selection und graphical display of data sets the package permits the regression of model parameters as well as the comparison of models with each other (e.g. comparison of the gamma models NRTL vs. Wilson vs. UNIQUAC or comparison of vapor pressure equations like Antoine vs. Wagner).

IK-Cape Thermodynamics

The IK-CAPE Thermodynamics Package can be used for the calculation of thermophysical properties und thermodynamics. Among the actual property calculation also the analytical derivatives of the calculated values with respect to temperature, pressure and composition can be accessed.


IK-CAPE PPDX defines a neutral format for the exchange of thermodynamic properties and models.

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