3D Cell Culture 2021: Models, Applications & Translation


The topics of the 3D Cell Culture 2021 are as follow:

Biology: Advanced cell culture models

• Advanced models for substance testing

• Innovative disease models

• Multi-cell type models

• Deviations from 3D models to the patient

Technology: Microphysiological systems, biomanufacturing and analysis

• Microphysiological and multi-organ technologies

• New devices for 3D cell culture

• Advanced imaging technologies

• High-throughput and automation

• 3D printing

• Bioinformatics, systems biology, modelling

Applications: Clinical and industrial translation

• 3D models for therapies

• Prediction of drug efficacy and safety

• Precision medicine

• Translation of models to solutions

• Regulatory aspects

• 3D models to investigate infectious diseases


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