8th European Congress of Chemical Engineering together with ProcessNet-Annual Meeting


 Advanced process control
 Assessment of processes sustainability
 CAPE simulation and control
 Carbon capture
 Catalysis for semi products and fine chemicals
 Catalytic transformation of renewables
 Chemical reaction engineering
 Danckwerts session
 Downstream Processing
 Downstream processing and separation science
 Education and innovation
 Energy: storage, fuel cells
 Environmental technologies
 F3 Factory
 Fluid dynamics and separation
 Functional materials
 Future thinking of innovation
 High pressure technology and processes
 High temperature technologies
 Innovative separation technologies
 Ionic liquids
 Membrane technology for water production
 Model-based process development
 Modelling and simulation
 Multiphase systems
 Particle technology
 PAT in biochemical engineering
 Process intensification
 Process-product modelling
 Process safety competence
 Product design and engineering
 Renewables, biofuels and bioenergy
 Safety engineering
 Thermodynamics of chemical systems
 Unifying concepts in catalysis
 Water treatment
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