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PRAXISforum Future Production Concepts in Chemical Industry


The exhibition is an integral part of the PRAXISforum. It is a platform for the latest product and technology innovations and manufacturing processes. As a visitor, you are invited to take a really close look at every exhibit.


List of Exhibitors

Fraunhofer ICT

Fraunhofer ICT Pfinztal, Germany

The Fraunhofer ICT offers a broad variety of continuous processes and microreaction systems in the field of chemical synthesis and process development, process optimization and process analysis. As R&D services, we also offer feasibility studies, rapid parameter screenings and targeted analysis of individual process steps as well as safety investigations.

Microinnova Engineering GmbH

Microinnova Engineering GmbH, Austria

Microinnova is a small enterprise with 22 employees. The company is flexible, small and managed by the owners. The combination of these characteristics leads to innovation capability, a readiness to assume risks and ultimately to success. We are a young hightech
company based in Austria in Allerheiligen bei
Wildon. By applying Flow Chemistry and different process intensification tools we intensify chemical and non-chemical processes. Providing our customers with consulting services, process development as well as engineering and final turnkey plants on the highest level, Microinnova successfully shapes the global market for continuous flow applications.

Siemens AG

Siemens AG, Germany

Expiring patents, new regulations, growing cost and competitive pressure – the challenges facing the pharmaceutical industry are daunting. With its experience, its expertise and a comprehensive performance spectrum, Siemens provides support to pharmaceutical companies keen to optimize their processes, reduce time to market and achieve supply chain efficiency. Process analytics and instrumentation, process control systems, automation technology, software solutions, energy management and worldwide servicing are all clear points of leverage to help them achieve these improvements.
The Siemens Process Analytical Technology (PAT) solution SIPAT moves away from the classical batch process approach towards a system based on continuous production and greater product quality.

Zeton B.V.

Zeton B.V., The Netherlands

As the world’s leading designer and builder of innovative lab scale systems, pilot plants, demonstration plants and small modular commercial plants, Zeton helps its customers bring their new technology and processes to market, faster, with less risk and lower cost. By working hard to understand specific customer requirements, Zeton strives to meet or exceed our customers’ expectations. Our unique solutions at the laboratory, pilot plant and demonstration plant scale provide exceptional value in the most challenging process development niches. From innovation through early market development, our unparalleled know-how in the scale-up of process technology consistently reduces time to market for our customers and helps shorten the path to process and technology commercialization.

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