ESCRE 2015 - European Symposium on Chemical Reaction Engineering

General Sponsoring and Exhibition

Special sponsor packages for companies have been put together, providing attractive “platin” to “bronze” sponsoring opportunities. Furthermore wide space is reserved for industrial exhibition which is integrated in the poster exhibition and break area and allows an ideal interaction with participants from all over Europe.

Germany is an ideal choice for this meeting due to its diversified community as well as the strong interaction between academia and industry. The theme of the conference “CRE providing tomorrow’s solutions” emphasizes the necessity of CRE to meet the future challenges, particularly in energy sciences and technology.

General Information

Please find the available packages, opportunities, deadlines, terms and conditions in the flyer for companies and institutes.


For your binding reservation please return the registration form (pdf.file to be filled) or the (dotx.file to be filled or printed) to the symposium office.

For individual packages please contact Ms. Heike Geiling at the symposium office.

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