Single Cell Technologies 2016

Exhibition & Sponsoring


Becton Dickinson GmbH Becton Dickinson GmbH
cytena GmbH cytena GmbH
Formulatrix, Inc. Formulatrix, Inc.
Menarini Silicon Biosystems Menarini Silicon Biosystems
Nanosurf GmbH Nanosurf GmbH
Schaefer Technologie GmbH Schaefer Technologie GmbH
SynenTec GmbH SynenTec GmbH
TATAA Biocenter GmbH TATAA Biocenter GmbH


Are you interesting in exhibiting or sponsoring at the Single Cell Technologies conference?

We offer the following items (prices net, plus VAT):

Advertisement U4 colored in the book of abstracts   800 €
Advertisement U2, U3 colored in the book of abstracts   600 €
Advertisement colored inside the book of abstracts   400 €
Flyer display at the registration counter   500 €
- 1 table, 2 chairs, power supply, internet connection, 2 poster walls
- 1 participation for the conference included
- naming of the company on the website
- logo inside the book of abstracts, on the website
and on the sponsor sheet inside the lecture room
1200 €

If you are interested in exhibiting or sponsoring, just register via our online system.

Contact: Claudia Martz, DECHEMA e.V., Congress Office

Phone: +49 69-7564-129, Fax: +49 69-7564-176, E-Mail:


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