Jahrestreffen Reaktionstechnik 2020 − Annual Meeting on Reaction Engineering

Conference Dinner

Conference Dinner

19th May 2020, 17:30-23:30

One of the highlights of this year´s conference will be the conference dinner. We will go by bus to Volkach, a romantic wine village with beautiful vineyards.

At first we will make a short vineyard walk at Terroir "F" (ca. 30 minutes). When we will have arrived in Volkach, there will be a reception at the festival hall. Later we will have buffet dinner and the band Schwarzier Buam will create a jolly atmosphere and animate you to dance.

There will be shuttle buses from Festung Marienberg Würzburg to Volkach, leaving 17:20. At 22:00 and 23:00 the buses will go back to Würzburg.

All food & beverages as well as transfer are included. Space is limited to 180 participants.

Please book the dinner directly with your conference ticket or as a seperat ticket until 2 weeks prior to the conference at the latest.


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