Enzymes for Industrial Applications 2020


Dr. Konstantinos Antonopoulos, Co-Founder & CEO, mk2 Biotechnologies, Germany

"Scaling up a production process is a technical challenge, though finding the right scale-up direction in an early-stage market might be even harder."

Dr. Konstantinos Antonopoulos
Co-Founder & CEO
mk2 Biotechnologies, Germany

Dr. Alessandra Basso, Business Development Manager Life Sciences, Purolite/Great Britain

"Exploring over 50 key applications of immobilized enzymes in the pharmaceutical, chemical and food industries with an in-depth look at the types of reactor and media used."

Dr. Alessandra Basso
Business Development Manager Life Sciences
Purolite, Great Britain

Dr. Margie Borra-Garske

"Using Codexis protein engineering technology, five enzymes were engineered towards a highly efficient cascade reaction to generate a small-molecule drug from simple building blocks. Enzymes were engineered to work on non-native substrates, with high activity, stability, and stereoselectivity, under industrially-relevant process conditions."

Dr. Margie Borra-Garske
Senior Scientist
Codexis, USA

Dr. Christian Gruber

"Our vision is to revolutionize the way enzymes are discovered enabling our customers to build profitable green industrial processes for a sustainable future."

Dr. Christian Gruber
Innophore GmbH/Austria

Dr. Gregor Kubik, Business Development Manager, Enzymaster Deutschland GmbH, Germany

“Biocatalysis is the key to sustainable,
environment-friendly and affordable chemical manufacturing. Not only in future, but already today.”

Dr. Gregor Kubik
Business Development Manager
Enzymaster Deutschland GmbH, Germany

Dr. Nikola Loncar, Co-Founder & CEO, GECCO Biotech, The Netherlands

"Accumulated hands-on expertise in enzyme discovery and engineering & fast and reliable service are the main competitive advantages of GECCO Biotech."

Dr. Nikola Loncar
Co-Founder & CEO
GECCO Biotech, The Netherlands

Dr. Fatima Lucas, Managing Director, ZYMVOL, Spain

"ZYMVOL is changing the way enzymes are engineered. Today, tailor-made enzymes are available to any industry looking for a new biocatalyst."

Dr. Fatima Lucas
Managing Director

André Pick, CEO, CASCAT GmbH, Straubing/Germany

"Enzyme cascades − industrial processes with improved product quality and less downstream afford."

André Pick
CASCAT GmbH, Germany

Dr. Subhash Pithani, Senior Research Scientist, AstraZeneca, Gothenburg/Sweden

"Recycling of Novozyme was studied using Spin Chem® RBR technology for the preparation of a key building block. Various parameters such as type of immobilized enzyme, loading, rate of agitation, temperature and scalability were studied."

Dr. Subhash Pithani
Senior Research Scientist
AstraZeneca, Sweden

Dr. Yamini Satyawali, Managing Director, ChiralVision, The Netherlands

"Membrane assisted process intensification paves the way for the application of  biocatalysis in industrial processes. My talk will include the examples for chiral amines, esters and oligosaccharides synthesis using membrane based approaches."

Dr. Yamini Satyawali
R&D, Bioprocess development
VITO NV, Belgium

Dr. Rob Schoevaart, Managing Director, ChiralVision, The Netherlands

"Finding the right enzyme takes you half the way. Designing the production process around it and applying immobilization to allow for more extreme conditions, recycling and full removal takes you all the way."

Dr. Rob Schoevaart
Managing Director
ChiralVision, The Netherlands

Dr. Martin Schürmann

"Molecular oxygen and water are excellent reactants to introduce oxyfunctionalities into chemical products or oxidise them further in efficient and safe biocatalytic processes."

Dr. Martin Schürmann
Principal Scientist Biocatalysis
InnoSyn B.V., The Netherlands

Dr. Elin Stridfeldt, Lead Researcher, EnginZyme, Solna/Sweden

"Green chemistry is a versatile tool to help address global sustainability challenges, but technology is needed to use it efficiently."

Dr. Elin Stridfeldt
Lead Researcher
EnginZyme, Sweden


Dr. Marc Struhalla, c-ELecta, Germany

"In vitro multi enzyme cascades with engineered enzymes outcompete fermentation processes enabled by metabolic engineering."

Dr. Marc Struhalla
c-ELecta, Germany

Philipp Süß

"The smart combination of biocatalysis, classical chemistry and process engineering can bring us to new sustainable processes for future products."

Dr. Philipp Süss
Group Leader Biocatalysis and Chemical Synthesis
Enzymicals AG, Germany

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