4th European Conference on Natural Products

Author's Information

General Information for Poster and Lecture Authors


Registration fee cannot be waived for authors. Please use the

online registration
Deadline for registration for active authors will be 1 July 2021.

Please note: To be included in the final programme your registration is required.
If you are unable to present your lecture or poster for any reason, please let us know as soon as possible via Email.

Length of the oral presentations / discussion time:

- keynote lecture: 40 minutes incl. discussion time
- session lecture: 20 minutes excl. discussion time
- short lecure: 10 minutes incl. discussion time

After each session we have scheduled a Q&A session, where participants have the opportunity to discuss with the speakers. Please schedule this accordingly.
Strict timekeeping will be essential for the smooth running of the conference.


Online Platform

As an online meeting platform we use Converia's Virtual Venue and as presenting platform we use ZOOM.
We recommend to download the ZOOM APP to share your presentation.
We are planning test runs in the week before the conference.
Detailed information will be sent to you in due time.

It is recommended to use Google Chrome or Firefox as your browser.


Presentation Format

Please prepare your slides in 16:9 format.
In case you use special software for your presentation or if you have videos included into your file, a test run is recommended.


Briefing & Information sessions

There will be test sessions running several days before the 4th ECNP so that authors can be well prepared for the online platforms (Converia’s Virtual Venue and Zoom).
More information about this will be sent out in due time.


Poster Information

The posters will be shown throughout the whole conference as an e-Poster.


Preparation of Poster

As a major guideline it is proposed to make the poster intelligible in itself, even in the absence of the author. It is suggested to divide the contents of each poster into introduction, results and conclusions, with a summary listing the pertinent results and conclusions.

Standard size for posters is 0.85 x 1.2 m (DIN A0-German Standard) vertically oriented. Therefore, please find the following specifications:

  • the minimum size should be 20 cm for graphs;
  • 3 cm for the paper’s title and the names/adresses of the authors in the heading lable;
  • 1,5 cm for sections headings such as introduction, results, labelling of figures and tables;
  • 0,8 cm characters in height for further text
  • Line spacing: 1,1 cm at minimum; 10 of such lines correspond to one figure.
  • Please use colours, symbols and schemes for improved clarity.

e-Poster Upload

Please log in at https://dechema.converia.de/frontend/index.php?sub=528

  • click on "View submitted papers/sessions" (in the paper submission box)
  • click "Actions"
  • then you have the possibility to upload your poster in PDF format under "Upload or edit presentation".

equirements for e-Posters

Please submit your e-poster as PDF only.
The following requirements are necessary to be displayed correctly on the virtual platform:

  • no interactive content
  • no forms
  • no videos
  • no navigation
  • no blend mode
  • no patterns and gradients
  • no ICC color profiles
  • no protected fonts
  • no double pages
  • no encryption or password protection
  • as a vector image file
  • only text, images (only embedded as JPG, GIF, or PNG), tables, and lists are primarily used
  • all fonts are fully embedded
  • the file is saved as PDF/A

The UPLOAD OF YOUR E-POSTER ends on 23 August 2021.

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