Affinity 2011

Scientific Sessions

  • Kinetics and Thermodynamics of Biomolecular Interactions
    Fundamental aspects of biorecognition and interaction, predictors and structural determinants of binding.
  • Evolutionary Engineering & Computational Modeling for Affinity and Drug Discovery
    Novel combinatorial, biomolecular engineering, and imprinting technologies aimed at the design and optimization of affinity ligands. Computational and molecular dynamics simulation of biomolecular interactions.
  • Affinity Interactions in Cell Biology - Signaling Pathways and Networks
    Binding and recognition in the cell and tissue environment are discussed in a biological perspective related to control of cell cycle, differentiation, adhesion, and spreading.
  • Affinity and Protein-Protein Interactions in Health and Disease
    Role of affinity and protein-protein interactions in health and disease, and their exploitation in diagnostics and to design novel affinity-based therapeutic strategies) such as antibody and intrabody therapies, iRNA, protein blocking. Unstructured proteins and their interactions through linear peptide motifs.
  • Biomaterials & Biomimetics
    Design of affinity taylored biomaterials.
  • Affinity Based Bioprocessing
    Process design and optimization, and validation. Scale-up and scale-down approaches, antibody production, affinity and pseudoaffinity based purification processes.
  • Nanotechnology, Micro & Nanosystems
    Design, optimization and applications of micro and nano sensors to measure and analyze molecular interactions in analytics, process control and monitoring, and diagnostics. Physics, design & fabrication, microfluidics, and signal processing are particularly relevant.
  • Single-Molecule Detection: Devices and in vivo Tracking
    Emerging technologies and methods for single-event detection. Electronic detection, optical imaging and other techniques for single-cell, single-particle and single-molecule detection and/or tracking in vitro and in vivo.
  • Self-Assembly & Mechanisms of Protein Machines
    Molecular aspects controlling the organization of biomolecules into complex structures and protein machines based on self-assembly and self-organization processes.

Papers can be submitted as oral or poster presentation to each topic!

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