Infoday „Switchable Solvent Systems" 2015


10:30 Welcome and Introduction
Walter Leitner, RWTH Aachen/D
10:45 Design and application of switchable solvents
Philip G. Jessop, Queen's University, Ontario/CDN
11:45 Switchable solvent systems for homogeneous catalysis
Reinhard Schomäcker, TU Berlin/D

Characterization of working fluids in chemical engineering by using dynamic light scattering and conventional methods
Andreas Paul Fröba, University of Erlangen-Nürnberg/D

13:15  Lunch and Posters
15:00 Switchable Microgels: Chemical Design and Applications in Catalysis
Andrij Pich, RWTH Aachen University/D
15:45 Implementation of Switchable Solvent Systems in Continuous (Reactive) Separation Processes
Irina Smirnova, TU Hamburg-Harburg/D

End of the Infoday

Followed by General meeting of the Fachgruppe Advanced Fluids (by invitation).

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