Enzymes for Industrial Applications

Andreas Vogel, c-LEcta



"Not quantity but quality of enzyme collections
make plug-and-play applications possible" 


Thu 5 Feb 2015, 11:30:

Development and production of industrial enzymes

  • Enzyme development platform at c-LEcta
  • 1st and 2nd generation enzyme collections
  • Examples of enzyme developments and applications at c-LEcta
  • Enzyme production timelines that match industrial needs


Andreas Vogel has experience in the field of biocatalysis and enzyme engineering for more than 10 years. He is currently “Head of R&D Enzyme Development” at c-LEcta. He is originally trained in chemistry (University Münster, Germany) and focused on biochemistry after he had realized how accurate and fast catalysis can be with enzymes. After he obtained his PhD degree in Biochemistry/Chemistry from the University of Münster he moved to a postdoctoral work to the EMBL outstation in Hamburg in 2000, where he focused on structure-function relationships of enzymes. In 2003 he started his second postdoctoral research in Max-Planck-Institute for Coal Research with Prof. M. T. Reetz, where he was involved in development of methods for enzyme optimization (CASTing, B-Fit), biocatalysis, high-throughput screening and stereoselective biotransformations. In 2006 he started to work in the c-LEcta company, first as a Scientist and since 2007 as Head of Biocatalysis & Enzyme Engineering.










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