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Parallel to the scientific sessions, companies are invited to present products, processes and services in the field of MOFs. The exhibition area is close to the lecture and poster hall and allows an ideal integration of lectures, poster discussions as well as company and product presentations.

Listed Exhibitors (as of July 2012): - the exhibition is fully booked!

- Bruker AXS GmbH, Karlsruhe/D

- Hiden Isochema Ltd., Warrington/UK

- Micromeritics Ltd., Dunstable/UK

- Quantachrome Instruments, Boynton Beach, FL/USA

- Rubotherm GmbH, Bochum/D in cooperation with:
  Merrow Scientific Ltd., West Sussex/UK and  BEL Japan Inc., Osaka/J

- SETARAM Instrumentation, Caluire/F

- Sigma-Aldrich Chemie GmbH, Buchs/CH 

- TU Dresden, Department of Anorganic Chemistry/D


Registerd Sponsors (as of August 2012):

- Imperial Consultants, London/UK

- Rigaku Corporation, Tokyo/J

- Royal Society of Chemistry, Cambridge/UK

- Rubotherm GmbH, Bochum/D in cooperation with:
  Merrow Scientific Ltd., West Sussex, UK and  BEL Japan Inc., Osaka/J

- Sasol Technology, St. Andrews/UK

- MOF Technologies Ltd., Belfast/UK


For detailed information please contact the conference office:


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