12th International Conference on the Fundamentals of Adsorption

Scientific Programme

Programme at a Glance
Lecture & Poster Programme

Please note: status of 9 May 2016,  programme is subject to change.

  Topics of the Lecture Programme

  • Fundamentals of adsorption, thermodynamics and kinetics
  • Molecular modeling of adsorption phenomena
  • Adsorbent materials including e.g. zeolites, carbons, silicas or metal organic frameworks
  • Characterization of adsorbent materials
  • Liquid phase and gas phase adsorption processes
  • Pressure swing adsorption and simulated moving bed processes
  • Biotechnology applications of adsorption
  • Energy applications including e.g. biofuels, fuel cells, gas storage
  • Environmental applications including e.g. the role of adsorption in greenhouse gas capture

 (as of 9 May 2016)

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