DECHEMA Hydrogen Competence Center

Hydrogen has the potential to change the way the process industries work. With its long-standing expertise, DECHEMA is your partner on the road to a hydrogen economy.

The DECHEMA Hydrogen Competence Center combines the hydrogen expertise of DECHEMA e.V. and DFI (DECHEMA Research Institute). We can support your transformative hydrogen endeavours with our comprehensive multi-disciplinary approach in all relevant areas.

Hydrogen Generation

  • From water
  • From biomass
  • From hydrocarbons

Materials for the hydrogen economy - generation, storage and conversion

  • Development
  • Characterization
  • Evaluation
  • Corrosion prevention
  • Lifecycle analysis
  • Material recycling

Hydrogen usage

  • Power generation
  • Production of chemicals and fuels
  • Thermal use

Safety and acceptance

  • Critical operation conditions
  • Component testing and approval
  • Occupational and process safety

What we offer

We support your hydrogen-related project from the initial idea to final implementation and beyond. We also support you on individual steps along the way.
Our competencies encompass a wide variety of services, from management of complex projects via in-depth technology assessment and roadmapping, up to individual materials or technology related aspects.

  • We provide comprehensive insight with techno-economical analyses for your plant, site or industrial park, process simulation and technology evaluation of (petro)chemical processes based on renewable energy, energy demand, emissions and cost engineering (CAPEX/OPEX). Furthermore, our life cycle assessment focusing on PtX, CO2 usage and the use of renewable energy and alternative resources provides an in-depth assessment of the ecological sustainability.
  • We develop detailed scenario-based roadmaps, site and infrastructure analysis, including action plans and the coordination of stakeholder processes.
  • We analyse and evaluate aging, lifecycles and performance of materials for electrolysers (alkaline, PEM and SOEC) as well as the components of the periphery and processing under varying operating conditions from the hydrogen production to its use in the chemical industry, taking into account requirements during scale-up.
  • We investigate corrosion phenomena and their influence on the service life and electrochemical performance along the chain of hydrogen production and the complex conditions in large systems.
  • We provide advice when it comes to repair of components e.g. by additive manufacturing or to the question what parts of the systems could be recycled.
  • We provide continuous education and training for professionals.
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