METALLICO: Demonstration of battery metals recovery from primary and secondary resources through a sustainable processing methodology


January 2023

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The main objective of the EU project METALLICO (project start 1 January 2023 with a duration of 48 months) is to reduce the EU's dependency on the volatile market for critical battery metals (Li, Co, Cu, Mn, Ni). For this purpose, five innovative processes for the (re-)extraction of Li, Co, Cu, Mn, Ni from primary and secondary raw material sources will be optimised, further developed and finally demonstrated on an industrially relevant scale (TRL 6-7) in four case studies within the framework of METALLICO. In addition, the processes will also be evaluated in terms of their sustainability. Furthermore, the project will develop a digital (open source) platform in which, on the one hand, primary and secondary battery metal sources will be identified and characterised. On the other hand, digital twins of innovative metal recovery and production plants will enable the simulation of the efficiency as well as the economic, environmental and social impacts of the respective metal. METALLICO will enable industrial companies and public authorities to prioritise and invest in new mining and metal recovery facilities. In this way, significant reserves of new or currently under- or under-utilised resources in the EU can be developed and their availability ensured. The project consists of a consortium of 23 partners from 9 countries, coordinated by IDENER (Spain).


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