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DECHEMA Polytechnic Awards

The DECHEMA Polytechnic Awards are presented anually for the best diploma, master's and bachelor's  theses in Technical Chemistry and Biotechnology at polytechnics and comprehensive universities.

The assessment criteria are: the conversion of basic engineering theory into industrial applications, experimental skill and the interpretation of results. The award is worth Euro 500. This Prize has been awarded since 1990; the decision lies with the Administrative Committee of the Foundation. Professors have the right to make recommendations.


The Prizewinners of 2010 are:

  • Monika Christ, Provadis (Bachelor's Thesis)
    Bewertung der Wiedergabegenauigkeit und des Einflusses der Stoffdaten bei der rechnerischen Auslegung von Entlastungsquerschnitten von Chemiereaktoren
  • Kerstin Malzahn, FH Oldenburg Ostfriesland, Wilhelmshaven (Bachelor's Thesis)
    Development of an alcohol gas biosensor
  • Thorsten Jamrath, Beuth Hochschule für Technik, (Master's Thesis)
    Gewinnung von Hydrolasen aus Abfällen der Lebensmittelindustrie

  • Nico Andreas, Beuth Hochschule für Technik (Master's Thesis)
    Untersuchung der Regulation der Zytokinproduktion von IL-5 in Th2-Lymphozyten

  • Mario Gloeck, Hochschule Esslingen (Diploma Thesis)
    Development of a cortisol ELISA to study stress response in zebrafish

  • Robert Krahofer, Hochschule Fresenius (Diploma Thesis)
    Mass spectrometric study of organosilyl derivatized compounds of biological interest

  • Nina Meißler, nta Hochschule Isny (Diploma Thesis)
    Entwicklung eines Doppel-Antigen-Sandwich-ELISA zur Messung von Autoantikörpern gegen das Tumor Suppressor Protein p53

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