NaWuReT-YounGeCats Summerschool 2018 - Finding the Dream Team: Challenging Reactors with Catalysts

27 - 30 August 2018
DECHEMA-Haus, Frankfurt am Main

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„Finding the Dream Team: Challenging Reactors with Catalysts“

Unleashing the full potential of catalysis is only possible when the ideal combination of reactor and catalysis is found. The 2018 NaWuReT-YounGeCatS Summerschool will provide reaction engineers and catalysit researchers with the necessary insights and tools to work together on these challenges.

Catalysis is one of the most important concepts in chemical industry. Due to the complex interplay of mass and heat transport with the reaction, reaction engineering comes into play when applications are considered. Nowadays, the search for the ideal combination of reactor and catalyst becomes even more challenging,  as changes in energy and raw material basis have to be considered.

The 2018 NaWuReT-YounGeCatS Summerschool “Finding the Dream Team: Challenging Reactors with Catalysts” focuses in particular on that issue, and will give basic introductions about catalysis for reaction engineers, and insights into reaction processing for catalyst researchers.

Moreover, the complex development paths for catalytic materials as well as optimization guidelines for advanced processes will be thematised. Besides discussions of basic reaction engineering concepts, advanced topics such as possibilities of digitalization and interaction with downstream processing will be addressed.

The necessity of interdisciplinary work will be shown, and expressed in selected lectures and the interaction provided in the group work sessions. The Summerschool will be highly interactive, giving the participants the possibility to work on their own vision of the ideal combination of a reactor with catalysis.

Which topics will be addressed during the summerschool?

•           Heterogeneous Catalysis, Reaction Engineering

•           Interfaces between Catalysis and Reaction Engineering

•           Downstream Processing, Digitalization, Process Safety/online-Analytics

•           Visit of the Clariant Innovation Center


Who may attend the summerschool?

This Summerschool addresses Ph.D. students and PostDocs of all disciplines as well as participants from industry who are interested in research in catalysis and reaction engineering.


Please note: The number of participants is limited. 



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