From the inventory of a cell by –omics to synthetic biology, from strain development to industrial biotechnological processes including downstream processing

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  • Recommendations for process engineering characterisation of single-use bioreactors and mixing systems by using experimental methods

    These recommendations of Working Group Upstream Processing of the DECHEMA expert group “Single-use technology in biopharmaceutical manufacturing” aim to select suitable experimental methods for the characterisation of single-use bioreactors (SUB) and mixers (SUM). The described methods are applicable to a broad range of of single-use systems and applications. The guidelines can also be used for the engineering characterisation of reusable systems. Furthermore, these process engineering characterisation methods intend to offer manufacturers and operators of SUB and SUM a uniform set of methods and instruments through validated Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs).

  • 11th Status Seminar Chemical Biology

    The programme of the 11 th Status Seminar Chemical Biology will feature latest research in Chemical Biology of Natural Products...

  • Single-Use Technology from A to Z

    Januar 2016, Online Single-Use-Technology from A-Z The mini encyclopedia “Single-Use Technology from A to Z” explains important and often-used...

  • ATMP 2015 - Issues and challenges from bench to bedside

    Production, analytics & regulatory aspects of advanced therapy medicinal products

  • 54th Tutzing Symposion 2015: Sustainable Phyto Extracts - Trends, Perspectives and Visions

    The Subject Division Plant based Extracts - Products and Processes of ProcessNet (an initiative of DECHEMA – Society for Chemical Engineering and...

  • Recommendation for a risk analysis for production processes with disposable bioreactors

    New production systems and innovative manufacturing methods such as single-use technologies bring about new challenges for quality control of biopharmaceutical production processes. In its most recent publication, the DECHEMA Working Group “Single-use technology in biopharmaceutical manufacturing” gives recommendations for a risk analysis of these processes. Based on prior publications, the compact paper lists the regulatory background as well as potential risks related to material, processes, or products. An example of an industrial application shows how risk values can be defined and risk levels calculated in order to determine appropriate countermeasures. This recommendation is based on an article in Adv. Biochem. Eng. Biotechnol. The original publication is available at

  • Bioflavour 2015

    Bioflavour 2015 - International Conference on Flavour and Fragrance Biotechnology

  • 2nd European Conference on Natural Products

    The 2 nd European Conference on Natural Products will again bring together more than 300 international experts in secondary metabolite research. The...

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