DECHEMA-Werkstoff-Tabelle (materials charts)  - the ultimate reference for

  • corrosion specialists
  • materials scientists
  • chemical engineers
  • electrochemical engineers
  • chemical plant designers

The German-language compendium of corrosion data started as a basic loose-leaf collection in 1953 and since then has been continuously expanded by supplements. It describes the corrosion and chemical resistance of all technically important metallic, non-metallic inorganic and organic materials in contact with aggressive media. Ways of corrosion protection and prevention are also shown. The information is given in form of a comprehensive text, figures and tables. Please find more information on the German website of DWT.

Parts of DECHEMA-Werkstoff-Tabelle have been translated into English and published in 13 volumes (2nd completely revised edition) as DECHEMA Corrosion Handbook.

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