Industrial Water 2018

Additional Workshop, 30 Nov 2018

Cross-cutting-issue Workshop of the EU projects WaterWatt and INSPIREWATER

Increasing water and energy efficiency in process industry
– tools, technologies and concepts –

The cross-cutting-issue workshop of the EU projects WaterWatt and INSPIREWATER will address a holistic view on water and energy efficiency measures regarding process and cooling water to be discussed with stakeholders from the process industry. Certain case studies from e.g. the steel and the chemical industry regarding water and energy efficiency measures will be presented. Participants will be introduced to the recently developed online tool for evaluating energy efficiency (E3 Platform) and get the opportunity for testing the tool during the workshop.

WaterWatt is an EU funded project which addresses the improvement of energy efficiency in industrial water circuits (IWCs). It aims to remove market barriers for energy efficient solutions, in particular the lack of expertise and information on energy management and saving potential in industrial water circuits. The main objective of the project is the development of an Energy Efficiency Evaluation Platform (E3 Platform) to offer stakeholders the expert knowledge on improving energy efficiency.

INSPIREWATER is an EU funded project which will enable process industry companies to implement sustainable water treatment solutions as part of a corporate sustainability strategy. This will be achieved via the development, demonstration and exploitation of innovative, eco-efficient technologies which will support sustainable water resources management. INSPIREWATER technologies will increase water and resource efficiency by 20-30% in the process industry. The project will focus initially on the steel and chemical industries, with the long-term goal of applying the technologies across further process industry sectors for maximum impact.


Workshop Programme, 30 November 2018

Pavel Ivashechkin / BFI, Jochen Michels / DECHEMA e. V.

  Lecture Room: Carl-Duisberg-Hörsaal
08:30 Registration




Welcome and introduction:

Why is the link between energy and water efficiency important for the industry

Pavel Ivashechkin – BFI


How to prioritize your work with energy and water?

Thomas Track / DECHEMA e. V., Fredy Dinkel / FHNW


How to increase water and energy efficiency in process industry?

Staffan Filipsson/IVL, Jochen Michels / DECHEMA e. V.


Case study experiences:

  • Monitoring energy demand of industrial water circuits
    Pavel Ivashechkin – BFI
  • How to save energy and water in cooling water circuits in steel industry
    (ArcelorMittal case)
    Martin Hubrich, BFI
  • Towards zero-liquid discharge in European chemical industry?
    (Clariant case)
    Mateo Pastur, Clariant Ibérica Producción, S.A.





Round table discussion:

Challenges and solutions

11:00 Coffee break and networking




Solutions and tools for improved energy and water efficiency:

  • Technical solutions
  • Web tools: E3 platform
    Pavel Ivashechkin – BFI
13:00 Closing remarks
Lunch snack and networking
14:00 End of Workshop


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