PRAXISforum Big Data Analytics in Process Industry

9. - 10. April 2019
DECHEMA-Haus, Frankfurt/Main, Germany

Data Analytics, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Big Data Analytics has become important to the process industry. It reveals new market opportunities and could lead to process advantages and reductions in production costs.

Whether in the chemical, pharmaceutical, biotech, energy or other related industries: enormous amounts of data are created every second. These huge amounts of data need to be analyzed to further improve processes, enhance production, develop innovative products, plan maintenance and, in general, understand what will happen next. The application areas in which data analytics can be used profitably are diverse and nowhere near exhausted in process industry.

From Big Data to Smart Data

The 3rd DECHEMA PRAXISforum “Big Data Analytics in Process Industry” will bring together large-scale industry and SME delegates from international market leaders, high profile end-users and solution providers in the field of data analytics, as well as experts on artificial intelligence and machine learning from all over the world to discuss how data analytics can benefit the process industry.

Conference Programme

PRAXISforum Key Questions about industrial applications of Big Data

Addressed Group of Participants


Sponsoring and Exhibition

Venue and Accommodation


What the PRAXISforum is about

  • By industry, for industry - PRAXISforum reveals market opportunities and promotes development in the fields of data analytics, artificial intelligence and machine learning in the process industry
  • Networking platform - PRAXISforum brings together international market leaders, high profile end-users and experts from all relevant industries
  • High-level speakers - Best Practices presentations and lessons learned from speakers at decision maker level. Technological background is presented along with information relevant to end-users
  • Relevance to applications - PRAXISforum provides visitors with an overview of innovations for their highly specific requirements in everyday practice

PRAXISforum highlights:

  • Find innovations in accordance with your practical needs
  • Meet existing and prospective customers and suppliers
  • Network with like-minded industry professionals
  • Learn about new trends, projects, processes and practices
  • Exhibition floor featuring practical and trade-based presentations
  • Relaxed networking dinner at the end of the first PRAXISforum day

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