Integrated Process Control: Development of robust & affordable process control technologies for improving standards and optimising industrial operations

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ProPAT aims to develop novel sensors and analysers for providing measurements on composition, particle size and local bulk properties, as well as more traditional but smart sensors for measuring other process parameters. The obtained information will be integrated into a versatile global control platform for data acquisition, data processing and data mining. Goal is to measure properties of process streams and products, accurately and in real-time. The platform will also provide self learning and predictive capabilities aimed for dramatically reducing extra costs derived from even slight deviations from the optimum process.

The objectives are to develop

  • affordable high-end probes for chemical composition and particle size analysis
  • MEMs-based standard sensors wirelessly connected to data logging systems
  • An integrated process control approach in the mineral, ceramic, non-ferrous metals and chemical industry

Integration of on-line measurement and / or modeling of critical quality attributes with automated feedback control of the process parameters will ensure more efficient control of processes. This will reduce product variability, thereby preventing products from being rejected further down the supply chain.


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Alexis Bazzanella -343


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