(Bio)Process Engineering - a Key to Sustainable Development

Conference Topics

Plant and process concepts
    • Electrification of chemical processes
    • Energy efficient processes
    • Heat transition in electricity and process heat supply
    • Innovative in-situ reactor diagnostics
    • Measurement and control
    • Modular plant concepts
    • Plant and process concepts for new therapeutics
    • Process intensification
    • Process automation
    • Process modelling and simulation
    • Smart engineering, processes, reactors and equipment
    • Tolerant processes
    • Bioprocess automation and digitalisation
    • Bioprocess engineering
    • Bioprocess miniaturisation
    • Bioprocess monitoring
    • Bioprocess systems integration
    • Specialities processing
    • Modelling and simulation of bioprocesses
    • Process analytical technology (PAT)
    • Biotransformations
    • Downstream processing / Adsorption in DSP
    • In situ product removal (ISPR)
    • Precision fermentation / cellular agriculture / cultured meet
    • Synthetic and systems biology
    • Cell, metabolic and (bio)catalyst engineering
    • Electrobiotechnology
    • Photobiotechnology
    • Food biotechnology
    • Environmental biotechnology
(Bio)pharmaceutical processing
    • Product and process development
    • Artificial Intelligence for (bio)pharmaceuticals development
    • New biopharmaceutical approaches: advanced therapies, vaccines engineering
    • Formulation
    • Continuous manufacturing
    • Product and process analytics
    • Production and purification technologies
    • Biomedical engineering and Regenerative Medicine
    • Quality by Design
Circular (Bio)Economy
    • Biorefineries
    • Decentralised production and logistic chains
    • Materials cycles and recycling
    • The role of reaction engineering in circular economy
    • The role of thermodynamics in materials transition
    • Challenging thermodynamics limits and opportunities of circularity
    • High temperature technology for the Green Deal goals
    • Renewable energy and circular carbon/nitrogen
    • Life cycle and sustainability analysis
    • Electro-, photo- and other unconventional conversion technologies
Digital transformation
    • AI methods and applications
    • From simple models to digital twins
    • Predictive maintenance
    • Enabling technologies and strategies for industry 4.0
    • Efficiency and flexibility in supply chain management
    • Role of smart, digital and distributed manufacturing in CBE Industry 5.0
Energy transition
    • Alternative fuels (biofuels, eFuels)
    • Electrification of process industries
    • Energy storage and transport
    • Power-to-X
    • Sector coupling and energy efficiency
    • The role of thermodynamics in energy transition
Fluid and solids process engineering
    • Adsorption from nm- to m-scale
    • Distillation and absorption technologies
    • Molecular modelling and simulation
    • Mixing technologies
    • Multiphase fluid flow
    • Separation technologies
    • Solvent extraction
    • Integrated sensor technologie
    • Intensification and electrification of unit operations
    • Hybrid modelling and machine learning applications
    • Smart equipment
Industrial water and waste water technologies
    • Biofilms (fouling)
    • Digitalisation in water management
    • Energy efficient water management
    • Recycling of industrial water / water reuse
    • Treatment and management of concentrates
    • Wastewater-free production
    • Water and waste water technologies for Power-to-X
New materials for process engineering
    • 3D-printing and additive manufacturing
    • Advanced catalyst materials
    • Materials for smart surfaces
    • Nanoscale systems
    • Thin films
    • (Bio)materials processing for micro- and nano electronics, medicine, food, energy conversion and storage
Education 4.0
    • Hybride learning
    • Teaching and learning in the pandemic
    • Effectiveness and efficiency of immersive learning methods
    • Concepts for life-long learning
Student and PhD student programme
  • (organised by kjVI – kreative junge Verfahrensingenieure)
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