14th International Workshop on Polymer Reaction Engineering

5. - 8. September 2023
Fraunhofer-IAP, Potsdam

After a long dry spell of abstinence from face-to-face meetings, the 14th International Workshop on Polymer Reaction Engineering will take place in Potsdam in September 2023 in presence.

Usually held every three years, this international workshop is a prestigious platform for experts to share their latest findings, as well as a knowledge pool for young professionals who want to gain a broad foundation or present their own work.

Rising energy costs and the need to base polymer production in future more and more on sustainable raw material feeds impose significant challenges to the polymer industry. Polymer reaction engineering can contribute significantly to match these challenges. The focus of the event is on the design and intensification of polymer production processes, conditioned by both customer requirements and new technological developments such as new catalysts, process analytical technologies and novel modeling and simulation tools.  In addition, there are current topics in the synthesis of plastics based on monomers from sustainable sources, polymer recycling and possible recycling of polymeric materials to conserve resources.

Polymer reaction engineering (PRE) is a highly dynamic scientific field with multiple interfaces to different disciplines in science, industry, and business. The workshop aims to stimulate the development of polymer reaction engineering concepts to meet the requirements and expectations of industry and society in terms of improving energy, material, and investment efficiency in polymer production. Existing polymerization processes must be continuously improved and new processes developed to meet customer requirements. The almost universal variety of applications not only, but especially in important future fields such as indispensable materials for the energy transition, electrification of mobility and light weight construction either to reduce energy consumption or enable complex designs, as well as for modern manufacturing techniques require continuous progress in product and process design. Developing new catalysts and monomers, studying their kinetic and thermodynamic behavior are part of the scientific basis that must be translated then into process technologies that enable economical, robust, and safe production.

Among many other developments and implications, progress in polymer reaction engineering continues to be driven by increasing precision in polymer tailoring. The workshop also benefits significantly from process analytics and rapidly increasing capabilities in modeling and simulation (and thus control) of processes in the general field of reaction engineering.

The scientific committee, DECHEMA Society for Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology together with TU Darmstadt and Fraunhofer institute for Applied Polymer Research IAP cordially invite you to participate in the 14th International Workshop on Polymer Reaction Engineering in Potsdam/Germany.


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