Webinar: Biomarker - Platform technology for identifying innovative signatures

5. Oktober 2017
Speaker: Dr. Ronny Schmidt, Sciomics GmbH, Heidelberg/D

Innovative biomarker signatures are a cornerstone of precision medicine especially in the immune oncology and oncology field. Sciomics and the German Cancer Research Centre have developed the antibody-based scioDiscover platform combining broad coverage of 900 proteins and profiling of phosphorylation status with all advantages of classical immunoassays.

Plasma or serum, tissue, cell samples, and cerebrospinal fluid from human, mice and rat can be analysed to identify biomarker candidates, elucidate disease mechanisms and to obtain a more in-depth understanding of the underlying biological properties.

This webinar is the second in a loose series featuring finalists and winners of the ACHEMA-Gründerpreises 2015. Meet young entrepreneurs, learn about their innovative technologies and explore the opportunities they offer for your business.

Participation is free of charge.


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