Herve Lavelaine de Maubeuge


Hervé Lavelaine de Maubeuge
ArcelorMittal Maizière Research / France

"Developing a method to design a new thermodynamically optimised process.
Solving the problem of iron element multivalences to apply electrolysis for steel production."



Hervé Lavelaine de Maubeuge graduate from Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Industries Chimiques (Nancy-France) and IFP School. Main activities in ArcelorMittal since 1991 are on research and development of electrolytic processes in the steel industry. Since the start of ULCOS project in 2004, the main focus of activities is related to the development of new steel producing processes without CO2 emissions. Project coordinator of RFCS-IERO (2010-2014) and now H2020 SIDERWIN.



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