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1 1 Bilgic

Mon, 15. November 2021

From data to knowledge: Follow the Eight-Fold Path!
Dr. Attila Bilgic, KROHNE/D

In future, value creation will only be possible in a cooperative manner.

It is quite a journey to come from data to knowledge. I’ll show you the main steps and pitfalls for the process industry, but I am confident, that most thoughts can be applied more generally. It is often more a question of mindset than of technology to arrive successfully

2 Skibsted

Tue, 16. November 2021

Process Analytics in Pharmaceutical and Biopharmaceutical industry
Erik Skibsted, Novo Nordisk/DK

3 3 Prof. Alexander Mitsos

Tue, 16. November 2021

The role of Data in Process Control: Modeling, Monitoring and Optimization
Prof. Alexander Mitsos, RWTH Aachen/D

We give an overview of methods to obtain useful process data for model identification and process control & optimization accounting for model uncertainties. We discuss optimal experimental design, identifiability and observability.

4 4 Kradjel

Tue, 16. November 2021

The Automation Ecosystem: considerations for Implementing  PAT in the factory
Cynthia Kradjel, Power-Flo Technologies/US

5 Engell

Tue, 16. November 2021

Feedback as a means to cope with model deficiencies: the need for measurement information
Prof. Sebastian Engell, TU Dortmund/D

Models have become a key element of advanced schemes to operate chemical and biochemical production processes optimally. However, the behavior of the real process always deviates from the model predictions, so by relying on a model alone, the optimum will usually not be reached and the proposed way of operation may not even be feasible. We will point out that applying feedback enables to overcome such model deficiencies provided key variables or indicators can be measured reliably.

6 Lendl

Wed, 17. November 2021

Advances in QCL for PAT
Prof. Bernhard Lendl, TU Wien/AT

7 Brouckaert

Wed, 17. November 2021

Spatially Resolved Spectroscopy in Industry 4.0: the asset of multipoint measurements?
Dr. Davinia Brouckaert, INDIATECH/F

Through presentation of multiple industrial applications, the talk will demonstrate the potential and advantages of spatially resolved and multipoint spectroscopy for in-line process control in Industry 4.0

8 Caminada

Wed, 17. November 2021

Smart PAT: shifting quality control to the shop floor
Dr. Clara Caminada, Hamilton Bondaduz AG/CH

Biopharmaceutical manufacturing is well-known as a complicated and intricate process. One major challenge in this process is the product itself. Proteins are highly complex molecules with many closely related variants, making analysis and control difficult. Quality control relies on regular process sampling and complex analytics that can typically only be performed in the lab. Improving this quality control process requires a true disruption of the traditional in-lab work with an advancement to smart PAT. Smart PAT shifts quality and performance monitoring to the shopfloor to enable in-line monitoring, automated process control, and real-time release. Enabling smart PAT requires:

1.         Innovation of new real-time measurement technologies that overcome the challenges of miniaturization, durability, specificity, and speed to measure quality and performance attributes during the process.

2.         Progressing digitization to enable innovative process analytics (soft sensors), advanced process control (e.g. digital twin simulation), preventative maintenance, and asset management.

These innovations in technology and digital solutions make quality control faster, more agile more compliant.

9 Urbas

Wed, 17. November 2021

Smart Equipment
Prof. Leon Urbas, TU Dresden/D


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