Jahrestreffen Reaktionstechnik 2019 gemeinsam mit der Fachgruppe Mehrphasenströmungen

Social Programme

Conference Dinner, 28 May 2019

This year´s Conference Dinner will be at Stadtstrand Würzburg (City Beach). This is a very unique location which offers lots of relaxation not far from the city centre. We are organizing a delicious barbecue and some music for the evening. For special entertainment, a magician will enchant you. Enjoy the summer feeling while you have further interesting discussions with your peers.

Start and End: 19:00 - 23:00

Address: Ludwigkai, next to Ludwigsbrücke, directly situated at the Main river

Conference Dinner is fully booked.


http://egocms.dechema.de//Veranstaltungen/JTr_REAKT_2019_+27__29_05_/Social+Programme-height-224-width-448/_/Stadtstrand_von oben_web.jpg


 Further information: https://www.stadtstrand-wuerzburg.de/



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