Workshop Channeling – an engineering tool in biotechnology?


09:00 Registration
10:00 Opening
B. Hauer, University of Stuttgart/D
10:10 Channels and loops as starting points to unmask hidden enzyme activities

B. Hauer, University of Stuttgart/D

10:40 Design, evolution and application of protein cages

D. Hilvert, ETH Zurich/CH

11:10 Coffee break
11:30 Compartmentalization & de novo organelles as platform for channeling effects - new paradigms for biocatalysis in biotechnology?

S. Schiller, Albert Ludwig University of Freiburg/D

12:00 Visualization of the gene expression hardware for m-xylene degradation of P. putida mt-2

V. de Lorenzo, National Center for Biotechnology, Madrid/E

12:30 Lunch break and poster session

Artificial transport metabolons: bringing together sugar transport and metabolism

M. Oreb, Goethe University Frankfurt/D


Production of biochemicals using bacterial consortia

A. Toftgaard Nielsen, Technical University of Denmark, Lyngby/DK


The impact of transport phenomena on translation and metabolism in E. coli

R. Takors, University of Stuttgart/D


Resumé / Discussion

B. Hauer, University of Stuttgart/D


 End of Workshop


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