3D Cell Culture 2020 - Models, Applications & Translation

12 - 14 May 2020
Konzerthaus Freiburg, Germany


Due to the situation caused by the new corona virus we had to postpone the 3D Cell Culture 2020 conference previously scheduled 12-14 May this year.

Here we would like to inform you about the NEW DATE:

3D Cell Culture 2021 (5-7 May 2021, Konzerthaus Freiburg, Germany)

Please save the date, all further information will follow.


From bench to applications
Get updated about 3D cell culture as predictive model systems and the translation from models to applications!


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The conference will highlight latest developments in the field from research and application:

Advanced cell culture models for understanding of diseases and substance testing, including complex and multi-cell type models, organ-on-a-chip and microphysiological systems as well as models for personalized medicine and in vitro application of patient-derived tissues.

Translation, clinical and industrial applications: How can models be turned into solutions? Success stories and current developments both for clinical and industrial applications will be presented. What regulatory aspects need to be considered, e.g. in the context of preclinical drug evaluation, and where are the current gaps between 3D models and clinic?

Innovative enabling technologies: The successful development and application of 3D cell culture relies on innovative, advanced analytics and specific assay development as well as on imaging technologies. Bioinformatics, systems biology and modelling enable the targeted development of 3D cell culture. New devices or technologies like 3D printing and bioprinting open up new possibilities. High-throughput and automatization allow for rapid compound screening.

Since our first symposium in 2009, the 3D Cell Culture conference series has developed into a ‘place to be’ for experts in this field. 3DCC2020 will highlight newest developments and the translation of models to applications. Success stories and trends like 3D models for personalized medicine will be presented as well as innovative technologies. Relevant disease models, applications of 3D models in clinic and industry, predictive cell models for compound characterization, safety and toxicity testing, and a range of enabling technologies will be covered.

In addition to scientific presentations, the exhibition will showcase practical applications, products and solutions and further stimulate discussion between researchers, solution providers and users.

The 3D Cell Culture conference is an initiative of the DECHEMA working groups “Cell Culture Technology” and “Medical Biotechnology”

in cooperation with


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