61st Tutzing Symposion 2024: Phytoextraction: A sustainable resource for innovative products – Trends, perspectives and visions

3 - 6 November 2024
Evangelische Akademie Tutzing, Lake Starnberg/Germany

Pharmaceuticals, food additives, fragrances, agrochemicals, functional materials and many more – plant-based extracts are important ingredients in a wide variety of market segments. At the Tutzing Symposion 2024 experts from industry and academia meet to discuss technological progress and research needs, the opportunities for increasing value creation and the regulatory and market frameworks.


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Plant based extracts, i.e. phytoextracts, are important ingredients in a wide variety of market segments. The generation of added value is as widespread from cultivation and harvesting over processing up to marketing, whereas the products are per definition biodegradable. Parts of this economy are highly regulated and the regulation varies depending on country and region. Consumers demand green products by green technologies from sustainable resources under resilience considerations to reach political climate neutrality goals. Nevertheless, almost all European industries involved are under increasing international competition pressure.

The Symposion is designed to foster exchange and discussion in the areas of sustainable plant production, novel manufacturing technologies, sustainable extraction, distillation and purification processes, application and marketing of extracts. Novel cultivation and harvesting methods should be as well addressed as demanded circular- and bio-economy changes within green processing technologies.

The focus themes are complemented by status and trends analysis, ethical views, practical “exercises” with products containing or consisting of extracts. During workshops a new joint innovation vision for the next decades will be defined. This follows up on the successfully executed roadmap set at the Tutzing Symposion 2015.

The 61st Tutzing Symposion 2024 provides once again a unique platform and ample time to exchange ideas between leading scientists and decision makers.

Image source: Adobe Stock / top images; Tim Schnarr


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