Dec 15, 2016 Finding the next generation of carbon – “flue gases become feedstock”
Sustainability and reducing emissions are key targets for the process industry in Europe. Finding alternative carbon feedstocks is one approach to reaching these goals and is the aim of the new half a million Euro project EU...
Oct 16, 2016 Willi Keim Prize for an Outstanding Young Chemist
The Willi Keim Prize is being awarded to Dr. Ulrich Hintermair, University of Bath / United Kingdom, for his original and creative contributions to the design of catalytic systems based on molecular complexes in alternative...
Jun 22, 2016 Call for nominations for the Alwin Mittasch Prize
Outstanding contributions towards extending the fundamentals of catalysis and its exemplary industrial application will be awarded
Mar 17, 2016 High value – low price: effective catalysts for fuel cells
Otto Roelen Medal for Peter Strasser
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