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Jul 22, 2020

DECHEMA’s first virtual CO2 World Tour - Five CCU plants you must have seen before you retire

DECHEMA brings you virtually to five of the most advanced and well known CCU plants in the world. DECHEMA’s so-called CCU Summer Special on 25th August 2020 will give the participants the opportunity to virtually visit those plants on three different continents in less than five and a half hours and meet with experts from all over the world for a virtual roundtable.

Carbon Dioxide capture and utilization (CCU) is an essential and necessary part for the successful implementation of the energy transition, it helps the chemical industry to get independent from fossil feedstock and is a pathway to reduce CO2 emissions. In recent years, the technologies to capture and utilize the climate harming exhaust gas CO2 have been continuously improved and are now already applied on impressive scale.

The travel agenda:

1. Mineral Carbonation International (Australia)

Mineral Carbonation International is an Australian clean technology initiative based in Canberra that operates a mineral carbonation pilot plant in Newcastle (New South Wales). Their technology enables the conversion of CO2 from industrial emission sources into solid materials that can be used as basic material in the construction industry.

2. Climeworks AG in Zurich (Switzerland)

The second stopover will be at the premises of Climeworks AG in Zurich (Switzerland). The former Spin-Off of the ETH Zurich provides a solution to capture CO2 directly from the air.

3. George Olah plant of Carbon Recycling International (CRI) in Grindavik (Iceland)

One of three European stops of the world tour will be at the George Olah plant of Carbon Recycling International (CRI). Located in Grindavik (Iceland) more than five million liters of renewable methanol are produced from CO2 each year since its commissioning in April 2012.

4. INERATEC in Karlsruhe (Germany)

At the last European stop in Karlsruhe (Germany) the young company INERATEC will give insight into the power-to-x technology. It is used to convert syngas, a mixture of CO and H2 produced from CO2 and water, with electricity from renewable sources to synthetic gases and liquids, for example synthetic natural gas or CO2-neutral fuels.

5. Carbon Engineering in Vancouver (Canada)

In Canada, Carbon Engineering will present another very successful method to capture CO2 from the air. They engineer a Direct Air Capture facility where industrial volumes of CO2 will be safely and permanently stored underground.


Several subsequent rounds of discussions will deal with questions regarding the challenges and hurdles that have to be overcome in order to turn a demonstration plant into a business case. How can a global circular CO2 economy be realized and what are the key drivers for its implementation? Experts from all over the world are invited to share their knowledge and expertise with the participants of the event.

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