The numerical database DETHERM provides thermophysical property data, which are indispensable for construction and design of chemical apparatus, plants and processes.

The Content

The DETHERM database provides thermophysical property data for about 85,310 pure compounds and 202,540 mixtures . DETHERM contains Literature values, together with bibliographical information, descriptors and abstracts. At the time 11.77million data sets are stored. The database is updated yearly and grows continually with around 5.7 % per anno. Convince yourself from the coverage and content of our database using the Online System. The following properties are stored:

  • phase equilibrium data
  • vapor pressures, critical data
  • thermodynamic properties
  • transport properties
  • surface tensions
  • electrolyte data


The DETHERM database is produced from the DECHEMA e.V. in cooperation with the DDBST GmbH, Oldenburg. The complete database consists of sets of property orientated packages, which are maintained and produced by external experts. This garantees high quality and checked data. Examples for such packages are the Dortmunder Datenbank DDB from the DDBST GmbH, the Wiley/VCH database INFOTHERM (former FIZ-Chemie Berlin) or the electrolyte database ELDAR from the University of Regensburg.

Inhouse System

A DETHERM Inhouse Installation consists of SQL database server in combination with the retrieval package DETHERM-ORS. The user friendly interface enables even unskilled users a rapid and easy access of desired data. The graphical display of data gives an overview on thedistribution of the differnt data sets. For further processing the data can be exported in various formats (XML, CSV, IK-CAPE PPDX ). Users of MS/Excel can cut & paste the data also directly. Seamless interfaces are existing to a variety of process simulation and data regression packages.

The user's own data can be readily handled with the data maintenance module .

Running in Client-Server-Mode assures that all users of the system use identical data sets. Multiple data sets and the use of differing values from user to user can thus be avoided.

A first insight in the look and feel of the inhouse system you find here.

Internet Access

Using DETHERM ... on the WEB you can access the complete DETHERM database using your web browser. Use the free of charge service to check if DETHERM contains the data for your problem. DETHERM ... on the WEB has got a multitude of additional features - particulary the automatic export of data to utilize them in a process simulation package (e.g. ASPEN PLUS).

To access the data itself, a registered account is neccessary.

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