... most accurate recommended thermophysical property values for selected chemicals of industrial priority - now within Europa available through DECHEMA

Who is DIPPR® and what is DIPPR® 801 ?

The "Design Institute for Physical Properties" DIPPR is a Technical Society of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers AIChE . DIPPR is one of best worldwide known sources for critically evaluated thermophysical property data. DIPPR 801 is the pure component database of DIPPR. The database contains 34 thermodynamic constants and 15 temperature-dependent properties (with recommended model paremeters) for currently 2330 substances of industrial priority (as of 2016).

DECHEMA as well as DIPPR/AIChE produce and publish thermophysical property data since decades. Both organizations share the vision to disseminate the best in class thermophysical property data to users in industry and research. Therefore the DIPPR-801-database is now distributed by the DECHEMA within Europe.

Philosophy and Hallmarks


The DIPPR 801 database is an evaluated database, meaning that all available data are assessed for accuracy, thermodynamic consistency, and reliability within chemical classes.


All of the applicable property values are available for each of the compounds in the database. Where no experimental data are available, established and well-evaluated methods are used to predict the property value to provide the user with a complete dataset for each chemical.

Expert recommendation

Thorough, multi-dimensional analysis of the data by leading thermophysical property experts produces recommended values for all properties for each chemical in the database. While all the raw data are included in the database, the recommended values represent piece by piece weeks of analysis by thermodynamics experts using the composite of all the information in the database.

Availability, Data formats

DIPPR 801 could be used as standalone database within MS-Access, in combination with the DIPPR Interface and Data Evaluation Manager (DIADEM) Software, and also in combination with the DETHERM database using the native DETHERM formats.


For usage of the database and/or software a yearly leasing fee incurs. Available are both standalone and server licenses. Please contact us for a detailed offer.

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