Himmelfahrtstagung: New Frontiers for Biotech-Processes

2 - 4 May 2016
Rhein-Mosel-Halle Koblenz/Germany

During the recent years a bunch of new biological routes towards highly attractive products were discovered. At the same time significant improvements were achieved for already established processes to increase their competitiveness on the markets. The aim of the “Himmelfahrtstagung” 2016 is to discuss the transfer of these approaches from a proof-of principle status to the real biotech production world. The following topics will be in the center of discussion: the use of microbial or mammalian producers harboring newly engineered pathways, the application of biocatalysts in novel reaction systems and the integration of modern technologies in upstream processes and for downstream processing, process control or advanced data analysis.

In the name of the organization committee we would like to invite you to submit your recent results to our annual meeting. Besides, young scientists are encouraged to report on their research projects covering other fields of biochemical engineering. Related contributions will be considered in the 2nd half of the conference.

The "Himmelfahrtstagung" – a 3-day annual conference happening the week before Ascension Day – is the main event for Bioprocess and Biochemical engineers in Germany. The conference is organized by the Biochemical Engineering group of DECHEMA – Germany’s Society for Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology. The event is known for its vivid character offering open and constructive discussions extra time.




Image source: Café Hahn GmbH, Koblenz


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